Golden Dorado are among the finest game fish on the planet. Their striking beauty mixed with their strong, aggressive and acrobatic behavior make Dorado one of the best fly fishing species the world has to offer.


The Golden Dorado River Cruiser was conceived to address the seasonal and conditional migrations of the dorado, effectively moving the lodge up or down the Paraná River System whenever necessary due to changes in weather, water level, season, bait fish migrations, or simply in response to credible fishing reports.  That means that when clients arrive we are already where we need to be, and if where we need to be changes in the middle of a trip then a simple overnight ride and clients wake up in a new location for the next day's fishing. Combine that with world class lodging provided by a full service mothership, with guaranteed mobility to some of the hottest and most remote fishing spots in the Parana River system, gourmet meals served with some of the finest wines of Argentina, top notch hardcore guides, and you have one of the best fishing trips for Golden Dorado money can buy. 

I’ve done a fair bit of fly fishing travel and ranks right up there...we shared some amazing dorado fishing
— Andrew Fuller, Melbourne, Australia