Argentina is a big country, the second largest in Latin America, and the eighth-largest in the world. There is an abundance of fly fishing options and a strong fly fishing culture that stretches over many decades.

From the mighty Golden Dorado in the warm swamps and rivers of the north down through the Andes and into the endless trout country of Patagonia and finally finishing at the legendary sea run trout fisheries of the deep south; there is something for every taste.

The lodges and outfitters that we book reflect the things that make this country so special;  strong culture, friendly people and exceptional food and wine.

Trout fishing lodges



The best lodge on the fabled Jurassic Lake. This is the place to catch the largest rainbow of your life.


Route of the springcreeks

If trophy brook trout from spring creeks sounds like your thing then this family-run operation in Southern Patagonia should be high on your list.

sea run brown trout lodges

Kau Tapen Lodge

Situated on the banks of the world's best sea run brown trout fishery, the Rio Grande. You will be perfectly placed to land the sea runner of your dreams.


A luxury lodge on the banks of the upper Chimehuin River with easy access to other fabled Patagonian trout fisheries.

Golden Dorado lodges


Golden Dorado are a mythical fish in Latin America. Pira Lodge stands on the edge of the clear water Ibera marshland. Home to big numbers of these prized gamefish.

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Location, location, location … mobility is the key!!! The mother ship moves along the best parts of the Parana River system according to the fishing season, water level, and bait fish migrations.