Barramundi are a fish of legend, their reputation as being Australia’s premier light-tackle sporting fish is well earned and there is no better place in Australia to chase barra than the Tiwi Islands.


Situated 60 kms to the north of Darwin, Melville and neighbouring Bathurst Island are collectively known as the ‘Tiwi Islands'; the home of the Tiwi people. Known for its tropical climate, its friendly indigenous population and its great fishing, there is very little infrastructure on the Tiwi Islands, and they are not open to the public for tourism, except on organised trips operated by Tiwi Islands Adventures. This remote and remarkable area consists of thousands of square kilometers of mangrove lined river and creek systems, sand flats, bays, inlets and coastal reefs, all abundant with marine life. Melville Island Lodge has exclusive access to Goose Creek (Andranangoo in the Tiwi language) a spring creek that abounds in barramundi and saratoga; a fly fishing paradise.

The Tiwi Islands represent the true wild Northern Australia, one of the best places in the world to catch a barramundi
— Nick Reygaert, Te Anau, NZ