The Rio Grande, on the island of Tierra Del Fuego (The Land of Fire) in the deep south of Argentina, stands alone as the finest sea run brown trout fishery on earth. If you are going to travel to the ends of the earth then you really want to be fishing the best water and staying in the best lodges available. That is why we book the Nervous Waters lodges, they have the pick of the fishing and absolutely set the standard for service and luxury in this part of the world.


Kau Tapen was the first fishing lodge on the Río Grande, opening its doors in 1984. Its name means “House of Fishing” in the Ona Language and here, in the heart of the Río Grande watershed, live the best pools on the river.

If the walls of the magnificent lodge could talk, they would tell story after story of battles with huge trout over thirty-plus years. Kau Tapen Lodge embodies the fly fishing experience and to hundreds of anglers it is their fishing home. On the river, short walks and shallow wading are the norm. Single or two handed rods are both effective. Skate a bomber over a resting lie, or float a nymph next to a cut back for Sea- Run Trout you’ve only see in your dreams.

Catching eight trout in one day and half of them between 18 and 22 lbs, words cannot describe, I have nearly 5 decades of well-travelled fly fishing under my belt, nothing compares. I am going back.
— David Bennett, Adelaide, Australia