We have been in love with Iceland since we first visited in 2009. Countless lakes and rivers with crystal clear water where trout, both sea run and brown trout, Atlantic salmon and Arctic char find the perfect conditions to thrive. Due to private ownership of all water there is a limited number of rods on each river so pressure is kept low and regulations are in favour of the fish and their environment. So not only can you find great fishing in Iceland you can also find the rare chance of privacy, solitude and the sense of getting away from it all.


An absolute gem! 96 marked pools on 36 km of fishable water. All perfect for fly fishing. 90% of the pools are very easily accessible but still the odd few for the more adventurous anglers. This is top-class salmon fishing an hour from Reykjavik. Total isolation, no traffic, 2 rods per beat, each beat fished for 6 hours. Then rotation through the day. Forget fishing the same pools over and over again. The biggest advantage for this river is the distribution of the salmon, they are freaking everywhere. Not like some rivers where you have a total of 4-5 good pools and everyone is waiting their turn to fish those pools. There are fish jumping literally everywhere!