We have been in love with Iceland since we first visited in 2009. Countless lakes and rivers with crystal clear water where trout, both sea run and brown trout, Atlantic salmon and Arctic char find the perfect conditions to thrive. Due to private ownership of all water there is a limited number of rods on each river so pressure is kept low and regulations are in favour of the fish and their environment. So not only can you find great fishing in Iceland you can also find the rare chance of privacy, solitude and the sense of getting away from it all.


From the beautiful Lake Myvatn flows an even more beautiful river, the Laxa Myvatn River. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Iceland and beyond. One of the best things about this river is that it is full of brown trout. And these fish are no ordinary creatures. They are big and fat from gorging on the rich insect life this very nutritous and healthy river produces and is habitat and important food source for so many species of birds as well as these monsterous brown trout.

This is the beat below the Laxa in Myvatnssveit. Here a total of 10 rods are allowed at any given time and so plenty of room for each angler to fish. Here the character of river is different from the upper beat at Laxa Myvatnssveit and the access to the river is easier in most cases. The river is wider and slower making it the perfect setting for dry fly fishing for enormous brown trout. The average size of trout sipping midges off the surface has to be seen to be believed. Leave your 6X tippet at home for this kind of fishing but make sure to bring your smallest dry flies 'cause these fish can be fussy as well.