We have been fishing and guiding the waters of Fiordland and Southland for the last 15 years. We are excited to offer our hosted group program to international anglers so that they can book their entire NZ fly fishing adventure with one operator and leave us to deal with the small details.


Located in the South-western corner of New Zealand’s South Island, Fiordland is home to some of the country’s most wild and dramatic scenery. Fiordland is one of the largest National Parks in the world and a World Heritage area. The area is testament to the power of nature, here waterfalls tumble hundreds of yards into virgin forest and lonely fiords tower above the visitor. Many Moari legends pertain to the areas formation, it is said that the warrior demi-god Tuterakiwhanoa carved the rugged landscape from formless rock with a gigantic sword. As one looks around at the steep valley walls crowned by pointed mountaintops, it is easy to imagine. Fiordland comprises an enormous area, covered in rivers and lakes, almost all of which hold trout. Carefully chosen, our accommodation is based in the small town of Te Anau right in the heart of Fiordland and some of the best trout fishing on the planet.

There are over 40 trout rivers within a 2 hour drive of Te Anau from large tail-waters to small springcreeks, and all of these become our playground during your hosted trip. Our guides are carefully selected and represent the very best fly fishing guides of the area.

Hosted Trip Dates

21st Jan to 28th Jan 2019

Meet Your Host & Guides


Nick Reygaert is the founder of Gin-Clear Travel. He has carved out a career as a celebrated fly fishing film maker for the last 15 years during which time he has travelled extensively in pursuit of the world's best fly fishing. He rates the NZ trout fishery as the most challenging and therefore rewarding fishery in the world. He has called NZ home since 2003 and lives very happily in the trout paradise of Te Anau with his wife and son.





Chris Reygaert, brother of Nick, and an accomplished angler, surfer and snowboarder - the outdoors run in Chris's blood. His obsession began at an early age chasing bonito on the rock walls in Perth, Australia. Starting with bait then progressing to spin and finally, naturally, he found Fly Fishing. Chasing the dream, Chris moved to Tasmania where he honed his art on the wily brown trout of the Western Lakes. Numerous holidays to visit his brother in NZ also ensued until finally the calling of the world's best trout fishery was too powerful to resist. Working in the local fishing outfitting store in the off season keeps him on-the-pulse of the fishing scene, and there is very little fishing action that happens locally that Chris isn't privy to. Dedicated, professional and passionate - Chris is a perfect fit to guide you on your Fiordland adventure.

All the clients are very happy about the trip, they will speak very highly about your operation. I need to thank you very much for the professionality of your job and please make a big “thank you” to your very nice family.
— Giorgio Cavatorti, Milan, Italy